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Jan 20 / darsan

Winter introspections

Winter is a time for introspection and turning inwards. The recent snowfall, which made it difficult for us to get out and about as we usually do, may also have provided us with a much needed opportunity to slow down and reflect on life.   A pure white blanket of snow covering the landscape creates a profound silence and sense of stillness, the perfect time for contemplation.  A couple of times I went out and got my car stuck on ice, the wheels span round hopelessly no matter how hard I revved the engine! I realised that sometimes we need to stop struggling, relax and go with the flow.

In their book ‘The Astonishing Power of Your Emotions’ Esther and Jerry hicks say that the most common misunderstanding that prevents people from getting control of a situation and gaining their personal balance is the belief that “I need to get to where I want to be right now or as quickly as possible.”  They explain that when you feel an urgency to be somewhere else, you are pushing hard against where you are – that is upstream.  More importantly, you are discounting the power of the Stream and it’s power to take you effortlessly and easily to where you want to be.  Their advice: stop paddling (or revving!),  give in to the Stream and let it turn you and take you downstream towards the inevitable well-being and the fulfillment of your desires.

The Bach flower essence Vervain can be useful in this kind of situation. Vervain relates to the Soul’s potential for enthusiasm. In the negative Vervain state there is too much eagerness and a tendency to overdo things.  Mechthild Scheffer says of this state:

with such an excessive use of willpower they tend to draw to heavily on their energy reserves. They can become tense and nervous inside and out and can react angrily when things don’t progress as well as they expected.

Such people are so keyed up it would be difficult for them to relax even if they wanted to..  Vervain enables us to stop and take time out to we are poised to use our energy wisely when there is good cause.

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