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May 20 / Anna

The May Tree

Hawthorn blossom photo courtesy of net_efekt

The Hawthorn is also associated with the Celtic spring festival of Beltaine.  In pagan belief this tree is associated with fertility and was always traditionally used at marriages.  It was sacred to the various goddesses of spring (such as the Welsh Blodeuwedd) who are nowadays often amalgamated under the title of the May Queen.  Hawthorn also has associations with the fairy realm and is thought by some to be a doorway to the Otherworld

Hawthorn is a small tree and belongs to the rose family.  All members of the rose family generally have healing qualities associated with the heart and Hawthorn is no exception.  The pink and white colour of the flowers indicates a correspondence with the heart chakra. A herbal tincture made from the  tree contains chemical compounds which are sedative, anti-spasmodic  and diuretic and this makes it an effective regulator of arterial blood pressure.

Hawthorn flower essence can help to ease the pain of a broken heart.  Because it is such a key essence it has been made by many flower essence producers including Lord and Lady Essences who recommend it for  ‘extreme suffering and feeling cut off from the source of Love and Light’. It is thought to disperse deep grief which could lead to a precancerous state in the body.  It stimulates self-acceptance and belief in the healing power of love and encourages trust and forgiveness.

Glastonbury is famous for it’s several  Holy Thorn Trees which are said to have sprung from the staff of Joseph of Arimathea, planted on Wearyall Hill, when he brought the Grail to Avalon.  Essences made from the Holy Thorn tree in the Chalice Well gardens in Glastonbury can be purchased from their online shop, click on this link to visit:

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