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Sep 16 / Anna

Studying the Six Tissue States with herbalist Matthew Wood

Picture 096 In June 2012 I had the opportunity to attend a weeks teachings given my the renowned American herbalist Matthew Wood at the Shekinah Ashram in Glastonbury.  Matthew has written some of my favourite and most indispensable books including ‘Seven Herbs’ and ‘The Book of Herbal Wisdom’.  My dear friend Sophie Knock of Wild Medicine Essences ( also attended.  We are both huge fans of Matthew because he manages to explain the relationship between flower essences, herbs and homeopathy in a clear and practical way.  Wherever possible Matthew works with ‘simples’ – he uses of a single herb which closely matches the energy pattern of the person he is treating.  He has a very deep understanding of the signatures of herbs which he combines with his knowledge of Native American, Ayurvedic and Chinese traditional herbalism and it was fascinating to learn from him.  Check out his website and this great post on his list of 10 indispensable herbs for first aid:

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