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Dec 28 / darsan

Flower Power

Here is an article from European Spa Magazine August/September 09 which anticipates future trends in the world of natural therapies.

Flower remedies are now finding their way into the spa environment as the industry responds to the demand for a therapeutic experience that ventures beyond pampering.

Flower essence therapy was first discovered by ancient communities who noticed that the ingestion of early morning dew drops from flower petals, potentised by the sun, created a wonderful rejuvenating effect.  Recognising that flower blooms contained a large percentage of the plant’s life force, flower essences evolved as one of the first liquid medicines to harness this energetic healing potential.

Flower remedies can be used internally in the form of drops or topically as sprays and creams.  A spray with essential oils can help clear negative, heavy energy in a room  between treatments or to set a space for a wonderful healing therapeutic treatment.

Spraying a clients energy field prior to a treatment can help to disperse any stress or emotions that the client may be carrying.  Used within facial treatments they can help to release stored emotions, fatigue and worry.

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