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Apr 9 / Anna

Lily By TANAKA Juuyoh

Easter Lily

Liliium longiflorum is often called the Easter Lily.  This gorgeous plant is native to the Ryuku Islands of Japan.  The white lily has long been associated with the Goddess, with purity, sexuality and death.  Lilies have six petals – six is the number associated with Venus, the feminine energy of love, beauty and harmony.  The six petals of the trumpet-shaped blooms are arranged in a star shape consisting of an inner three and an outer three.  Three is a number associated with the triple aspect of the Goddess: Virgin, Mother and Crone.

All the Lilies have an affinity with the energetics of the sacral chakra and the crown chakra.  Easter Lily helps to heal conflicts and inner tension between sexuality and spirituality.  It is an especially  important remedy for women and can help where there are impurities and disturbances in the sexual and reproductive organs.  Matthew Wood ( The Book of Herbal Wisdom) says that the flower  can assist in the removal of cycts from the breasts and ovaries.  Now, more than ever, there is a need for healing of the Divine Feminine aspect within all of us.

Other Lily Flower Essences:

Tiger Lily (FES)  for over agressive yang forces, hostile competitive people who strive against others.  A feminine flower which makes inner peace and harmony the basis for relationships with others, encouraging co-operation and positive social interaction.

Stargazer Lily (Crystal Herbs) this exquisite pink and white lily helps link with the planetary energy of Venus and unconditional love.

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